OPINION: Migrant Filipino Workers Awakens Anti-Foreign Anger in Singapore With Philippine Independence Day Parade In Heart Of Orchard Road

WSJ Blog, 22 April 2014
A group of migrant Filipino workers recently criticized online for an event they were organizing in Singapore to celebrate Philippine Independence Day has rekindled discussion about the city-state’s relationship with foreign workers.
The Pilipino Independence Day Council Singapore, a volunteer group, was forced to withdraw an advertisement from its Facebook page for the June celebration after hundreds of people commented in online and social media forums that it would have been inappropriate.
The ad asked people to save the date for the celebration, marking the Philippines’ 116th year of independence, in the popular central shopping district of Orchard Road. It was promoting the event under the tagline “Our Independence. Our Interdependence.” Full story

OPINION: PAP ministers bestow more "accolades" on Singaporeans

My Singapore News, 22 April 2014
The Sinkies are earning more medals or titles for themselves. An event like the Pinoy Independence Day has heaped on several more titles or tags onto them. Other than the infamous daft and xenophobic titles, the new tags for the Sinkies are disgraceful, bigots and embarrassment.
This will bring the tally to 5. I may have missed out on a few more. While the Sinkies are earning new titles, at the same time many old titles were lost or forgotten. No longer were tags like hardworking, disciplined, well trained, knowledgeable, honest, etc etc be associated with the Sinkies. Oh, now I remember another new medal, lazy, to make it 6. This is a strange tag pinned on a very vigorous people, yes, vigorous, is no longer a virtue of Sinkies. Sinkies are simply lazy, and choosy for jobs. Full story

OPINION: Filipinos residing in Singapore should respect the sovereignty of the city-state nation

Comment: Whats next? Malaysians in Singapore to hold a Malaysia National Day parade at Padang?

Hardwarezone Forum, 21 Apr 2014


Singaporeans have no right to object to foreigners holding their national events or parades publicly anywhere in this city state of migrants

Rappler.com, 20 Apr 2014
MANILA, Philippines – Is he standing up for his country's ideals or did he miss the point entirely?
Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took to Facebook on Saturday, April 19, to express his dismay over online reaction to the planned Philippine Independence Day celebrations in the city-state.
"I was appalled to read about those who harassed the organizers of the Philippine Independence Day celebrations, and spammed their Facebook page. They are a disgrace to Singapore," said Lee.
"We must show that we are generous of spirit and welcome visitors into our midst, even as we manage the foreign population here. Otherwise we will lower our standing in the eyes of the world, and have every reason to be ashamed of ourselves," he added.
Reaction to Lee's post – both by Singaporeans and foreigners – have been mixed, with some locals saying Lee missed the point entirely.
"PM, I'm appalled by your appalled. (sic) You are comparing Singapore Day celebrations with another country's Independence Day celebrations," wrote Alvin Chin in the comments section.
Sabrina Nasir, in a comment, said it wasn't fair for Lee to compare London to Singapore. "We are a small nation and allowing too many fts had caused (sic) too much inconvenience, overpopulation and an unjust employment system to your own people... Try walking in our shoes instead and understand more of your people's plights," she wrote. Full story

Why Does This Surprise People? - Hardhitting-nobs.blogspot.sg

Philippine media laud PM Lee for defending Filipino Independence Day Celebration and calling his fellow citizens "a disgrace"

Manila Bulletin, 21 Apr 2014
Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong denounced the acrimonious comments made by some Singaporeans online to protest the planned Philippine Independence Day celebration in the Lion City next month.
Calling the remarks made over The Real Singapore, an online platform for Singaporean’s uncensored opinions, as “a disgrace to Singapore” Lee called on Singaporeans to treat Filipinos in Singapore “the way we ourselves expect to be treated overseas.”
In a statement posted Friday on his official Facebook account, Lee continued by saying “Many Singaporeans live overseas, and are warmly welcomed in their adopted homes.” Lee signed his personal post with his initials “LHL”.
“I was appalled to read about those who harassed the organizers of the Philippine Independence Day celebrations, and spammed their Facebook page. They are a disgrace to Singapore,” Lee added. Full story

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OPINION: Singapore’s Impotent Immigration Policy

Asia Sentinel, 2 Apr 2014
It appears counter-intuitive to suggest that a cosmopolitan hub like Singapore might have a problem with xenophobia.
Yet xenophobia has emerged as a major political concern in the city-state. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has routinely addressed the issue of immigration and foreign workers in his National Day Rally Speeches since 2009 — and in 2012 he openly warned Singaporeans to refrain from overt expressions of hostility towards foreigners.
The trigger for this new xenophobic fear was former Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng’s 2005 decision to engage in massively expanding the intake of foreign workers to avoid an anticipated recession. This directly led to the current situation where nearly 40 percent of Singapore’s residents are foreigners — many of whom have no interest in developing ties to the country or the opportunity even if they were interested.
The government confessed that it had failed to take any steps at all to provide infrastructural or social support for this influx of foreign workers. Full story
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