78-year-old granny forced to sleep along the corridor at Tan Tock Seng Hospital for 2 nights


My 78 years old Grandma (mother's mother) was just admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 2 August 2014 (Saturday) around 11 am to A&E due to having fallen down and unable to walk.
She was given X-ray and found out that she got a crack at her hip plate. However she will need to undergo treatment and she will need to stay at the hospital.
Initially we were told there was not enough patients wards when we ask for a ward B2 type and later on we received a SMS from the hospital on her bed and ward number.
Here is where the problem start; when my uncle went down at night 9pm to visit and pass her some of her stuffs like jackets and her favor mug, he was not happy that she was placed at the corridor in front of the nurse counter, instead of a ward.
He was told that there was NO available ward or room for her, and so she had to sleep at the corridor of the B1 type ward. Why is this happening when the hospital send us an sms of her ward and bed number, but she is to sleep at the corridor, where every other patients' family and relatives, and nurse are all passing by. Full story

Ebola virus arrived in Southeast Asia via the Philippines

CCTV.net, 2 Aug 2014
The Phillipines has reported the country's first suspected cases of the Ebola virus. According to the country's health officials, seven workers who returned to the Phillipines from Sierra Leone are showing symptoms symilar to that of the tropical virus.
There are currently over 1,300 suspected cases worldwide. The World Health Organization says there is little risk of the virus spreading outside of West Africa, but countries outside of the affected region are still taking precautions to prevent a spread.
The outbreak is the biggest since Ebola first emerged in Africa nearly 40 years ago. So far, more than 700 people have died in West Africa. Link

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