CPF activist Han Hui Hui allegedly denied food and drinks during her 8 hours detention inside Cantonment Police Complex

TR Emeritus, 11 Oct 2014
Not only was the main organiser of @ReturnOur CPF protest denied food, her personal notebook and belongings were also (unreasonably) seized by the police, said Han Hui Hui of her 8-hour long ordeal at the Police Cantonment Complex (PCC).
The investigating officer (IO) also tried to prevent Ms Han from calling her lawyer Mr M Ravi, but fortunately the call went through before the IO snatched away her mobile phone.
The police had summoned Ms Han to assist in an investigation into an alleged offence of unlawful assembly yesterday (10th Oct), related to the recent #ReturnOurCPF event which clashed with the YMCA event graced by Minister Teo Ser Luck .  Full story

Singapore Police is now claiming that permit for #ReturnOurCPF protest was revoked - TR Emeritus