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PAP MP Teo Ser Luck edits his Facebook page several times to change his stance on CPF blogger Roy Ngerng, 29 Sep 2014
PAP MP Teo Ser Luck can’t stop editing his Facebook status about CPF blogger Roy Ngerng. Either he is the most wishy-washy MP or has obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
At first, Teo insists Roy Ngerng performs a dance for the kids he heckled to show his contrition:

Full story

PAP MP Baey Yam Keng accused Tampines resident of lying after complaint was lodged about estate cleanliness

Facebook, 29 Sep 2014
A resident emailed me claiming that a half-filled water was left dangerously on the staircase handrail for two weeks, and that the cleaner was slacking. As the town council Chairman, I am deeply concerned as this would be an unacceptable lapse of service. I tasked the property manager to investigate this and he did give me a report soon after that. Just to convince myself, I personally spoke to the cleaner Mdm Tan in charge of Blk 498L this morning
Mdm Tan vehemently denied any negligence on her part. She said she conscientiously walked every floor to clean any litter and would have removed the bottle if it were there. It is also unlikely that she would have missed it over that many days. She did take a couple of days MC during that period, but there would have been another cleaner covering her duty. Even if the other cleaner had missed it, she would still have noticed it when she went back to work. Hence, it is impossible that the bottle would have been there unattended to for two full weeks.
Of course, it is the resident's word against her word. Having spoken to her face to face, I do not think Mdm Tan lied to me. Based on her track record of work performance, I choose to believe her.
I do appreciate it if residents give genuine feedback as it is useful for the town council to improve its services. However, I hope people do not exaggerate the facts. And I sincerely hope that this resident had not fabricated this water bottle matter. Otherwise, it is very difficult for anyone to take their feedback seriously. It is also not practical nor fair for the town council to spend unnecessary efforts to attend to such emails. It is very disruptive to their work.
As this particular resident sends such emails frequently, I have instructed the town council to ignore him from now on until he changes his behaviour.

OPINION: Teo Ser Luck, the ultimate keyboard warrior

Hardwarezone Forum, 29 Sep 2014


  1. Teo Ser Luck: The children were my utmost concern - TR Emeritus

OPINION: When Special Needs Children Became Mere Pawns For Opportunistic Politicians

My Singapore News, 29 Sep 2014
These three words have now been used in a political battle to prove who is more caring and more like angels. Sad, very very sad that these children have become an issue in a political tussle for attention, become political tool or cannon fodder.
Anyone want to ask why I did not post a single photo of these children and actually refused to mention their condition? Let’s show some respect to them and their parents for a bit of privacy. I feel quite disgusted with people blowing their trumpets and carrying these Special Needs Children on their shoulders for cheap publicity and to score points for whatever agenda they have.
On hindsight, I love highsight, the best place to hold an event for these children, see I don’t use the phrase Special Needs Children, is the Istana ground. And the President could grace the occasion and chat with the children in full privacy from the public glare. I have been involved with many such activities in social service clubs and I am fully aware and very sensitive to these children and their families. I avoid intentionally to photograph them unless there is a very special reason to do so.
Let’s leave these children and their families in peace. Link

Suffer The Little Children - Singapore Notes

People's Association (PA) quietly conducts extensive door-to-door survey to gauge the popularity of Lee Hsien Loong government, 28 Sep 2014

I was asked to rate on a scale of ten my “confidence in the Lee Hsien Loong government”, my confidence in “public services” provided by other arms of the governments, in “courts of law”, in the army, the police and so on.
Somewhere down the list, I was asked about my confidence in “mainstream media” and “online media”.
After going through the “confidence in” questions, I was asked for my opinion as to the “competence” of these bodies or sectors, then about the “integrity of public services”, their “sincerity”, and whether they “understand the concerns of the general public”.
When the survey-taker left, I went to the People’s Association website to see if there is any information about this survey they are conducting. I could not find any.
The question on readers’ minds will surely be this: Assuming the People’s Association (PA) is paying for this survey, why it is paying for a survey loaded with questions unrelated to itself? What purpose are those questions intended to serve? Who else will have access to the results?
In fact, since the PA is funded with taxpayers’ money, shouldn’t the results be publicly available?

Full story

OPINION: PAP Regime Battles New Wave Of Activism In Singapore, 12 Jul 2014
Not too long ago would Singaporeans balk at the idea of standing up for your own rights. Not too long ago did the country share its disdain for then-Singapore Democratic Party leader Chee Soon Juan’s public protest outside the Central Provident Fund building that has photos still immortalised on photo wire agencies like Getty Images.
But, take a look around now. It has become very clear: Singaporeans aren’t willing to stay silent anymore.
Gone are the days when it was popular for anonymous commenters to use pseudonyms to thrash Singapore’s top brass on anti-government watercooler sites like Temasek Review (and its various reincarnations). Today, a simple cursory glance on an article on the National Library Board’s recent decision to pulp two books that were deemed to have contained messages that are against its “pro-family” stance reveals plenty of well-thought-out critique.
And yes, real names and real faces are on them. Full story

OPINION: What does Ms Jean Ang Yee’s mocking of elderly S’porean tell us about the values of NTUC Income, PA, and PAP?, 20 Jun 2014

What does Ms Jean Ang Yee Mei Lin tell us of the values of NTUC Income, PA, PAP and Hri Kumar?
If Tan Tock Seng Hospital was right to fire Roy Ngerng* for breach of its values, err what does the continued silence and inaction of NTUC Income PA, PAP and Hri Kumar* tell us of their values when someone associated with them mocks an elderly sick lady.
Maybe she is upholding the values that NTUC Income, PA, PAP and Hri Kumar hold dear? Remember a PAP minister sneering at the elderly poor? (OK. OK. The Pioneer Package is the PAP’s way of using our money to repent for his sneers.)
Hence their silence and inaction over the appalling, sickening behaviour of an active, senior grasss-roots leader? Full story

76-year-old senior citizen who begged Hri Kumar for help on her CPF suffers from online harassment and cyber-lyncing by PAP Internet Brigade

The Online Citizen, 16 Jun 2014
When 76 year-old Ms Rene Yap brought up her financial woes at Mr Hri Kumar’s forum for Thompson-Toa Payoh residents about the Central Provident Fund, she had requested for Mr Hri Kumar’s help with “getting her money back”, or rather what she felt was due to her in her CPF account.
She might not have realised that it has started a cyber-lynching effort against her.
At the end of the forum, Mr Hri Kumar reportedly told The Sunday Times: “This is a resident who has an issue. I spoke with her personally after the dialogue and I’ll be doing my best to assist her. She’s a resident in one of the landed estates in Thomson.”
Unfortunately, this indication of where Ms Yap could be living might have led some online sleuths to “uncover” her residential address, in a bid to discredit her need for her CPF reserves.
In an image post titled “Feeling sorry for her? She stays in a bigger house than you”, Fabrications About the PAP (FAP), a Facebook page known for its support of the ruling People’s Action Party, published a picture of the front of Ms Yap’s home, including the street name of the property.
“Auntie chose not to withdraw her CPF at 55,” the post charged. “Auntie has been receiving monthly payouts; auntie is well to do. Auntie asked for some flexibility on her remaining CPF, but now used as a political tool by irresponsible opposition…” Full story

Why is PAP MP Hri Kumar silent about FAP webmaster Jason Chua Chin Seng's hateful conduct online?


Lady who kept making rude gesture at 76-year-old speaker in Hri Kumer's CPF dialogue event has been identified as a PAP grassroots leader - report

The Real Singapore, 15 Jun 2014

PAP MP Hri Kumar's CPF dialogue event had drawn a lot of online attention, particularly since a video of a 76 year old's pleas to Hri Kumar was recorded and shared widely online.
However, netizens have also noticed one particularly rude lady in the audience, dressed in a white cheongsam, who kept trying to stop the 76 year old aunty from talking and was motioning to organisers to remove her from the microphone.
In the video, she can be seen gesturing at 5:33, shaking her head and moving her hands as if the outspoken lady is mad.
She was rudely interrupting and repeating "1 minute" "1 minute", apparently referring to the 1 minute time limit that was imposed on questions at the dialogue.
It turns out that the disruptive lady is actually an active PAP grassroots member and netizens have shown their disgust for her rude actions. Full story

Singapore government refutes SCMP report that Singaporeans no longer trust the PAP leaders

XIN MSN News, 13 Jun 2014
The Republic’s Consul-General in Hong Kong, Mr Jacky Foo, on Friday (June 13) rebutted the claims made in a South China Morning Post (SCMP) report on June 9 which said “Singaporeans no longer trust their leaders”.
In a forum letter to SCMP, Mr Foo said the report, titled “Writer Catherine Lim’s open letter to Singaporean PM fuels social media debate”, quoted author Ms Catherine Lim as saying that Singaporeans no longer trust their leaders.
Mr Fo point out that Ms Lim had first made the claim two decades ago in 1994, when the ruling (PAP) had won the 1991 general election with 61 per cent of the vote, a result which Ms Lim thought was a poor performance indicating a “great affective divide” between the Government and the people.
Since then, the ruling party has taken the country through a number of serious crises relatively unscathed and won four further general elections by healthy margins, Full story


Singapore Note, 12 Jun 2014
In law, sub judice, classical Latin literally for "under judgment" (Latin sub iūdice : sub, beneath, before + iūdice, ablative of iūdex, judge.), means that a particular case or matter is under trial or being considered by a judge or court and therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere.
That's not stopping the Ministry of Health (MOH) from blabbing about it. Worse, as Ravi pointed out, MOH is not party to Mr Ngerng's contract of employment. Tan Tock Seng Hospital's (TTSH) sacking may be a case of jumping the gun, given the lawsuit - which neither involves TTSH and MOH - has yet to run its course. Having said that, we know that an opposition political leader did lose his job over taxi claims. Full story

Roy Ngerng's father targeted

Facebook/gohmengseng.freedom, 11 Jun 2014


Roy Ngerng's father is an award-winning fried carrot cake seller at Ang Mo Kio Coffee Shop - All Stuff Singapore

TTSH found Roy Ngerng guilty of defaming PM Lee even before start of court case

Channel NewsAsia, 10 Jun 2014


Tan Tock Seng Hospital sacks blogger Roy Ngerng for "conduct incompatible with the hospital values"

Yahoo! News Singapore, 10 Jun 2014
Blogger Roy Ngerng, who is being sued by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for defamation, has been fired from his job.
Ngerng, 33, worked as a contract patient co-ordinator at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH)’s Communicable Disease Centre. Taking to his Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon, he posted a public status update announcing the news.
Spokespersons for Tan Tock Seng Hospital confirmed that Ngerng was dismissed for “conduct incompatible with the values and standards expected of employees, and for misusing working time, hospital computers and facilities for personal pursuits”. Full story

LETTER: PAP's West Coast Town Council allegedly practise double standards for booking of HDB void decks

The Real Singapore, 8 Jun 2014
My mother passed away on the 6th of February and I had planned to hold her funeral wake at the void deck below my HDB block. In order to 'reserve' the void deck for this, I called the towncouncil's 24hour hotline and they informed me that all I had to do was go down to one of the West Coast TC branches to make payment for the use of the void deck for the funeral.
So the next day at 8:30am, I went down to the Jurong West branch to make payment but was told by the Malay lady on duty that it is actually illegal to hold any event at the void deck nearest my flat as there was a preschool nearby. She said that if we did hold the event there, we could get arrested.
She instead told us that we should hold the funeral at another venue about 6 blocks away. I was frustrated when I heard this as my mother had just passed away and I was being given conflicting information from the lady at the branch and the person I spoke to on the phone the night before. Full story

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister - Dr Catherine Lim, 7 Jun 2014
Dear Mr Prime Minister
We are in the midst of a crisis where the people no longer trust their government, and the government no longer cares about regaining their trust.
There are two clear signs that the present situation has reached crisis proportions, that it is not just an affective divide, not just an emotional estrangement between your PAP leadership and the people.
Firstly, the people are resorting to forms of high-visibility, high-risk protest never seen before, such as graffiti writ large on public buildings, persistent, strident online criticism despite stern government warnings and threats, an increased frequency of mass gatherings held at the Speakers’ Corner, as well as increased hostility shown at these gatherings.
Secondly, the protest is not confined to a small group of young dissidents emboldened by Internet power, but is spreading to involve large segments of the population, as seen in a senior citizen’s active contribution to the angry graffiti, and in a public outpouring of sympathy, in the form of financial help, for the blogger Roy Ngerng who is being sued by you for defamation.
How did this crisis arise in the first place? Full story

OPNION: Political stability under one party rule detrimental to economy in the long run - World Bank

The World Bank, 1 Jun 2014
Some see political stability as a condition that not only precludes any form of change, but also demoralizes the public. Innovation and ingenuity take a backseat. Many seek change in all sectors of life--politics, business, culture--in order to have a brighter future through better opportunities. Of course change is always risky. Yet it is necessary. Political stability can take the form of complacency and stagnation that does not allow competition. The principles of competition do not only apply to business. Competition can be applied in everything – political systems, education, business, innovation, even arts. Political stability in this case refers to the lack of real competition for the governing elite. The ‘politically stable’ system enforces stringent barriers to personal freedoms. Similarly, other freedoms such as freedom of press, freedom of religion, access to the internet, and political dissent are also truncated. This breeds abuse of power and corruption.
When political stability comes with having one party or a coalition of parties in office for a long time, it may eventually be detrimental. The economy may do well in terms of attracting foreign direct investment because stability means a predictable political environment. However, other aspects of the society might suffer because of complacency, lack of competition, and opacity. The economy eventually suffers because of these. Consequently, stable governments do not necessarily lead to higher economic growth. India is another case in point. India’s performance on the economic front in the first 30 years of post-independence era, which epitomized political stability, exhibited 3 to 3.5 percent level of economic growth, lowest in the last sixty years. In contrast, in the last 20 years when India saw as many as four Prime Ministers, industrial growth rates jumped to double digits, something that had not happened before. Full story

Bloomberg: Singapore Blogger Tops Funding Goal to Defend Against Lee’s Suit

Bloomberg, 3 Jun 2014
A Singapore blogger who faces a defamation lawsuit by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he raised more than S$70,000 ($55,700) in four days through crowdfunding to pay for his legal costs.
Donations climbed to S$72,043.91 as of yesterday, exceeding his target of S$70,000, Roy Ngerng said in a blog post. Lee sued Ngerng over a May 15 article, and the blogger said his apology and offer of S$5,000 for damages were declined. Chang Li Lin, Lee’s press secretary, declined to comment about Ngerng’s funding efforts when contacted by phone.
Ngerng’s case comes as the government grapples with how to regulate comments made online, with plans including the introduction of anti-harassment laws to curb cyber-bullying. More than a thousand people contributed to Ngerng’s appeal for funds for the first lawsuit of its kind by a Singapore politician against a blogger, according to his lawyer M. Ravi. Full story

  1. Blogger uses crowdfunding to fight PM's defamation suit - AFP
  2. Singapore Blogger Tops Funding Goal to Defend Against Lee’s Suit - The Jakarta Globe 
  3. News of Roy raising legal fund picked up by world news - TR Emeritus

OPINION: ST Opinion Editor Chua Mui Hoong shows her true colours as a PAP supporter

The Alternative View, 1 Jun 2014

Look who's shedding her disguise as a neutral commentator and showing her true colors as a PAP supporter?
Chua Mui Hoong, sister of former (and current?) ISD agent Chua Lee Hoong, wrote a report today telling The Workers' Party to "grow up".
She says that WP should start offering policy alternatives apart from just acting as a check on the Government.
Seriously, Chua Mui Hoong?
Who in the PAP do you think offers serious policy alternatives?
Ang Wei Neng who suggested to send our younger generation to third world countries so they can appreciate Singapore more?
Lim Biow Chuan who suggested that parents set aside two days a week as "homework free" days? Full story

OPINION: Singapore’s elephant in the room

The Independent Singapore, 30 May 2014
For the naysayers and soothsayers, the clearest indication that Singapore’ centre of gravity is shifting to the left came when President Tony Tan opened the second session of the country’s 12th Parliament with a rare promise to his people: You will have enough money for your golden years.
Even more unusual was the President’s use of the phrase, “peace of mind,” to describe the intended goal of his government’s social policies, especially for the vulnerable and elderly.
“We will enhance retirement adequacy to give greater assurance and peace of mind to all Singaporeans,’’ Tan said, in trying to allay the biggest fear of many Singaporeans – that their august years will become dreadful ones.
It just shows how far the government has come from a culture that preached a “nothing-is-for-free” philosophy to one that is beginning to display its heart on its sleeve. Full story
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