Netizens slam City Harvest's Sun Ho for blaming God on her involvement in Crossover Project

Yahoo! News Singapore, 14 Oct 2014
Sun Ho has acknowledged for the first time in public that she herself was having trouble reconciling the image of a pastor’s wife with her pop music persona as the “Chinese Geisha”.
Referring to the Crossover Project — the church’s mission to evangelise using secular pop music — the 42-year-old wife of City Harvest founder Kong Hee said, "There were moments during the Crossover, when I felt alone and I seldom talk about this, of course I had my US team, but it was just a hard mission".
“Many times, I asked God how long more I had to do it”, she said, before revealing she felt like “giving up” several times throughout the Project.
As part of the project, which started in 2002, Ho worked with music performers and producers like Wyclef Jean and Diane Warren. She released several songs including the reggae hip-hop number, “China Wine”, where she adopted the persona of a gyrating scantily-clad “ Chinese Geisha” in the music video which cost US$1 million to produce.
The music video quickly drew a barrage of scorn and criticism from netizens, who questioned how such music could support the church’s mission. Full story