Four Indian nationals jailed for $570k GST fraud in Singapore

Yahoo! News India, 15 Oct 2014
Four Indian nationals in Singapore were Wednesday given jail terms ranging between three and four years for fraudulent Goods and Services Tax (GST) tourist refund claims of about $570,000.
Sundar Panneer Selvam, 46, Baskaran Uthirapathy, 28, Pounraj Natarajan, 25, and Gobi Raman, 31, were held guilty for money laundering.
Sundar, Baskaran and Pounraj also face bribery charges.
Sundar was given a four-year jail term and ordered to pay a penalty of $292,977; Baskaran's sentence was three and a half years and a penalty of $237,596; Pounraj got 45 months and a $201,130 penalty; and Gobi, three years and a $202,045 penalty. Full story