MHA says it is unsafe for motorists to stop their vehicle after hitting an animal on the road

Hardwarezone Forum, 16 Oct 2014
SINGAPORE: The police have rejected calls to penalise motorists who negligently run over any kind of animal, a move that has upset some groups here which have been lobbying for such changes.
Animal welfare activists who have been clamouring for more animals to be covered under the Road Traffic Act have expressed their disappointment, after the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) told TODAY on Wednesday (Oct 15) that it had decided against changing the Act which, among other things, requires motorists to stop and help certain animals if they knock them down.
Its spokesman told TODAY: “In the recent review of the Road Traffic Act, the MHA decided against adopting the proposal of the Animal Welfare Legislation Review Committee after careful consideration. Our main concern was that it is not always safe for a motorist to stop his vehicle (e.g. when travelling along a busy expressway) after hitting an animal.Full story