OPINION: SAFVC scheme reaffirms the 2nd class status of local citizens

Redwire Times, 12 Oct 2014

The SAF expects Singaporeans to sacrifice for their country, but says it shouldn’t tie down these fresh-from-the-oven locals because they “will not give their best”. It gives them a choice of vocation, but not Singaporeans. Is it possible that the powers that be believe Singaporeans can’t be trusted to choose the vocation that they can serve the best in, even though it might be the toughest? If true, that is an utter insult to born and bred citizens.
Square pegs rarely fit in round wholes, unless they come under a whole lot of pounding. New recruits can choose the vocations they believe they will excel in, and where does that leave our square-peg Singaporean men? Under their leadership of course. New citizens, doing a short-term stint, lording over full-fledged locals of 18 years and over — this just highlights who the SAF considers important in the overall scheme of things. Even if the new recruits can show our local sons a thing or two, how will this setup affect the morale, and the loyalty of our troops? Full story