OPINION: Future of Singapore rests on Malaysian land and labour

The Malay Mail Online, 4 Jun 2014
Darren Chin gave up a 15-minute train journey to his office in Singapore for a two-hour drive with a stop at passport control. The reason: By commuting from Malaysia, he can afford his own two-storey home and car.
“It’s worth it,” said the Malaysian financial adviser, who leaves his house before 6.45am to get to his job at Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp on time. “I’m saving on rent and I’m paying for my own house.”
Chin is part of the expansion of Southeast Asia’s richest city across its borders as residents and companies seek property, labour and amenities, often at half the cost or less. The result is a three-nation urban complex with a population bigger than London and an economy that would rank as one of the fastest-growing in the region. Full story