OPINION: Khaw Boon Wan's new HDB resale rules a disaster in the making

Yahoo! News Singapore, 19 May 2014
On March 10 2014, the Ministry of National Development (MND) issued new rules on HDB resale procedures. As usual, the headline is almost the same: “A stable housing market, better homes for all.” How ironic!
In its place, HDB will announce the recent two years of HDB flat transacted prices more frequently. So property buyers can then make a more informed decision.
However, we understand that the market is currently chaotic, which runs counter to the aim of “a stable housing market, better homes for all.” This is because many HDB buyers are not even sure what the prices should be. Worst still, they may approach a seller’s agent who will sometimes discourage the property buyer from co-broking, citing that prices may become higher if they engage a buyer’s agent. So what then is an appropriate price to offer? Full story