Football fans lambaste FAS President Zainudin Nordin's Singapore-Valencia collaboration talk, 19 May 2014
Football Association of Singapore (FAS) President Zainudin Nordin has come under fire from netizens for claiming that Singapore football can benefit from Peter Lim's buy out of Spanish club Valencia.
Readers commenting on Goal Singapore's coverage of the news on our website and social media pointed out that FAS should have been taking the initiative for any football development on their own, instead of hoping to leverage on Lim's acquisition.
Reader Muhd Imran, commenting on the article in a Goal Singapore Facebook post, wrote: "It's wrong for FAS to even think that Peter Lim's acquisition of Valencia should and would benefit our youngsters. FAS can't even be bothered to send our youth teams for centralised training in Europe like our Malaysian and Indonesian counterparts are doing, and now they want to share the limelight? Peter Lim had been actively looking for a club in Europe to take over for some time now and he's finally realising HIS own dream. And at the end of the day it's just business for him." Full story

FAS President Zainudin Nordin flatters Singaporean tycoon Peter Lim after learning about Valencia deal