Singapore anti-gay pastor Lawrence Khong reveals he is behind petition targeting Health Ministry - report

Gay Star News, 15 Feb 2014
A pastor of a megachurch in Singapore, who once referred to the LGBT rights movement as he 'onslaught of the evil one', has revealed himself to be behind an anti-gay petition which was launched two weeks ago.
In a Facebook post yesterday, he said he has been putting "all (his) effort" in the past week to mobilize Christians in Singapore to demand that the health minister conducts a 'public enquiry to uncover who is responsible' for an online brochure which 'failed to warn the public of the high health risks associated with the homosexual lifestyle.'
The 'FAQs on Sexuality' posted by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) on its website had gone viral earlier this month. It states that 'homosexuality and bisexuality are not mental illnesses' and that a same-sex relationship is 'not too different’ from a heterosexual relationship.'
While the FAQs have been received positively or thought to be objective and in line with modern scientific understanding of homosexuality, a person who only goes by the name 'Aaron' on Feb 3 started an online petition to demand that the health minister conducts a 'thorough, non-biased, comprehensive review' of it. As of today, it had garnered 22,000 signatures since its launch.
Although 'Aaron' declined to reveal his identify despite having given interviews in the mainstream press, the petition is now known to be an effort by Pastor Lawrence Khong of Faith Baptist Community Church (FCBC) which claims to have a weekly service attendance of 8,000.
He had made a dozen anti-gay posts on his Facebook page in the past week while he’s on skiing holiday with his wife and children in Salt Lake City, Utah. Full story