Singapore firms hire thugs from repatriation companies to forcefully repartriate overstaying migrant workers - report

What is Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin going to do about these repatriation companies and the firms hiring them?

Fox News, 16 Feb 2014
Singapore needs foreign workers, but it doesn't want them to overstay their welcome, and firms get fined when they do. That has created a market for "repatriation companies," which deny allegations from activists and the United States that they use illegal tactics to expel foreign workers.
After more than year in the job, Jakir said he was taken to a repatriation company's office in August 2012 because his employer wanted him out of the country before his contract expired. He wasn't given a reason, but suspects it was because they thought he was disruptive on account of his assertiveness in pressing for more working hours.
Once inside the office, he was asked to sign a document by three "big gangsters" stating that his employers didn't owe him any salary arrears. He refused because he figured doing so would make it easier for them to repatriate him. He then alleges he was punched and had "a knife put to his neck." Jakir was able to call a friend, who in turn contacted migrant rights activist Jolovan Wham. Full story

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