Google takes ISPs to task over bandwidth throttling of YouTube streaming

The Verge, 24 Jan 2014
Soon, YouTube viewers might have a better idea why their videos take so long to load. Google will launch its Video Quality Report next week, a service which will rank internet service providers based on the quality of YouTube video playback. It will first be available for Canadian users, but reports for other areas including the US are expected to be available in the near future.
The company will rank ISPs by how well they stream HD video content. A "YouTube HD Verified" ranking is the best, meaning an ISP delivers HD videos with quick load times 90 percent of the time. A "Standard Definition" ranking means the ISP delivers videos in at least 360p with decent load times, and "Lower Definition" is reserved for the ISPs that deliver videos in resolutions lower than 360p with slow loading times and a lot of buffering. Full story