OPINION: Is MOM genuinely oblivious to increasing number of foreigners on social visit pass working as temporary lion dance helpers during CNY?

The Real Singapore, 31 Jan 2014
Chinese New year is at the corner and Lion dance is very common everywhere, especially this year with the movie 'The Lion man'. But do you realise most of the lion dancer during CNY are Foreigners? For your info. although SG is very small, but our CNY lion dance market is actually the biggest in south east asia. Every year, 'helpers' from various country like Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Taiwan and Hongkong will come into Singapore with social visit pass to earn a living during CNY, earning our 'Strong' currency.
For such 'helpers', they are usually paid $40 per day(excluding ang pow), food and stay are covered by our local team. For example this yr, there are at least 120 Vietnamese and 60 Thai 'helpers' in SG. They usually are from schools that are sponsored by Singaporeans back in their country to source manpower. Full story