Man fainted from excessive blood loss after waiting 7 hours at Changi Hospital A&E, 17 Aug 2013
The STOMPer wrote:
"My friend, Lim, in his thirties, suffered a workplace-related accident on Aug 7, at around 11.30am.
"He had fallen down and his right forearm sustained a gash of approximately 8cm length due to a cut from a steel bar.
"His co-workers immediately rushed him to the CGH and they arrived at the Accidents & Emergency department at around noon.
"The staff nurses were quick to administer basic wound dressing and bandage to his wounds, and also an intravenous drip was also given to him.
"However, even at 3pm, they were told by nurses that doctor was unavailable.
"Every time they asked for a doctor, the nurses would reply the doctor will 'attend to them in half an hour'.
"To their horror, the doctor still hadn't come and performed the stitching operation even at 5pm, and the nurses could only 'top up' the bandages when the blood seeped through the dressing.
"It was only at 7pm, when Lim said he was feeling faint and going to pass out, that a doctor finally came.
"To their shock, the doctor said there were still four patients waiting in line, and that Lim would have to wait until midnight before he could perform the operation on him.
"Worse still, the doctor even said that he might have to wait until the next morning. Full story

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