LETTER: PAP's West Coast Town Council allegedly practise double standards for booking of HDB void decks

The Real Singapore, 8 Jun 2014
My mother passed away on the 6th of February and I had planned to hold her funeral wake at the void deck below my HDB block. In order to 'reserve' the void deck for this, I called the towncouncil's 24hour hotline and they informed me that all I had to do was go down to one of the West Coast TC branches to make payment for the use of the void deck for the funeral.
So the next day at 8:30am, I went down to the Jurong West branch to make payment but was told by the Malay lady on duty that it is actually illegal to hold any event at the void deck nearest my flat as there was a preschool nearby. She said that if we did hold the event there, we could get arrested.
She instead told us that we should hold the funeral at another venue about 6 blocks away. I was frustrated when I heard this as my mother had just passed away and I was being given conflicting information from the lady at the branch and the person I spoke to on the phone the night before. Full story