OPINION: Why compare Singapore with a 3rd world country?

TR Emeritus, 18 Aug 2013
Dear Ms Mindy Goh,
Pls be objective. Our country was good for the first 20 years after independence. We were underdeveloped and yes LKY did great, but remember it was not due to him alone; he had a great team. Looking back for the past 10 years, what have we achieved? Swiss standard of living? We didnt even reach that! We stagnated in wages, our population increased not through organic growth, our transport is straining… the list goes on…
Where have you been for these past 10 years or so? You must be in the top 1% of the population, dont take public transport, shop at Cold Storage or Jason, and your wages continue to grow year by year… I suspect that you must be a high level civil servant (or excuse me for assuming that you are married, your hubby is one)… cos even our PMETs are losing their jobs to foreigners willing to take the same job but for much lower pay. Full story

I count my blessings that we have a good Govt: Mindy Goh - TR Emeritus
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