People's Association (PA) quietly conducts extensive door-to-door survey to gauge the popularity of Lee Hsien Loong government, 28 Sep 2014

I was asked to rate on a scale of ten my “confidence in the Lee Hsien Loong government”, my confidence in “public services” provided by other arms of the governments, in “courts of law”, in the army, the police and so on.
Somewhere down the list, I was asked about my confidence in “mainstream media” and “online media”.
After going through the “confidence in” questions, I was asked for my opinion as to the “competence” of these bodies or sectors, then about the “integrity of public services”, their “sincerity”, and whether they “understand the concerns of the general public”.
When the survey-taker left, I went to the People’s Association website to see if there is any information about this survey they are conducting. I could not find any.
The question on readers’ minds will surely be this: Assuming the People’s Association (PA) is paying for this survey, why it is paying for a survey loaded with questions unrelated to itself? What purpose are those questions intended to serve? Who else will have access to the results?
In fact, since the PA is funded with taxpayers’ money, shouldn’t the results be publicly available?

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