PAP MP Baey Yam Keng accused Tampines resident of lying after complaint was lodged about estate cleanliness

Facebook, 29 Sep 2014
A resident emailed me claiming that a half-filled water was left dangerously on the staircase handrail for two weeks, and that the cleaner was slacking. As the town council Chairman, I am deeply concerned as this would be an unacceptable lapse of service. I tasked the property manager to investigate this and he did give me a report soon after that. Just to convince myself, I personally spoke to the cleaner Mdm Tan in charge of Blk 498L this morning
Mdm Tan vehemently denied any negligence on her part. She said she conscientiously walked every floor to clean any litter and would have removed the bottle if it were there. It is also unlikely that she would have missed it over that many days. She did take a couple of days MC during that period, but there would have been another cleaner covering her duty. Even if the other cleaner had missed it, she would still have noticed it when she went back to work. Hence, it is impossible that the bottle would have been there unattended to for two full weeks.
Of course, it is the resident's word against her word. Having spoken to her face to face, I do not think Mdm Tan lied to me. Based on her track record of work performance, I choose to believe her.
I do appreciate it if residents give genuine feedback as it is useful for the town council to improve its services. However, I hope people do not exaggerate the facts. And I sincerely hope that this resident had not fabricated this water bottle matter. Otherwise, it is very difficult for anyone to take their feedback seriously. It is also not practical nor fair for the town council to spend unnecessary efforts to attend to such emails. It is very disruptive to their work.
As this particular resident sends such emails frequently, I have instructed the town council to ignore him from now on until he changes his behaviour.