Ex-PAP grassroot leader from China Yang Yin had applied for his PR using a fake degree bought with Madam Chung's money

TR Emeritus, 30 Sep 2014
According to a Chinese new media report yesterday (29 Sep), a friend of 87-year-old widow Chung Khin Chun told the media that he has the evidence to prove that PRC tour guide Yang Yin obtained money from Mdm Chung to procure a fake degree in China.
Mdm Chung’s friend said that at the time, Yang asked Mdm Chung to wire S$4,000 to him so that he can procure a fake degree in China. It is believed that the degree may have been used to help Yang obtain an Employment Pass to work in Singapore in 2009 and later apply for his PR.
The friend produced an acceptance letter supposedly from the “University of Financial and Trade Beijing China” (北京财经贸易学院) to show that Yang was accepted by the university to study for a bachelor’s degree in 2006 ...... Full story