Singapore PAP government vows to Philippine officials to crush anti-Filipino sentiments in Singapore, 13 Jul 2014
Singaporean officials has assured the Philippines their government is taking steps to address the hate campaign on Filipinos working there.
The assurance was made by the Singapore delegation who participated in Informal Consultations on the Philippines-Singapore Action Plan (PSAP).
During the meeting, the two sides tackled labor cooperation, noting the large number of Filipinos who live and work in Singapore.
Both sides expressed satisfaction with the developments in the overall implementation of the PSAP, including strengthening defense cooperation, which has seen active intelligence and education exchanges between military personnel of the two countries, as well as education cooperation, which has seen hundreds of Filipinos availing themselves of scholarships at Singapore schools, including numerous Philippine civil servants, who have attended programs at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Full story