OPINION: PAP Regime Battles New Wave Of Activism In Singapore

Popspoken.com, 12 Jul 2014
Not too long ago would Singaporeans balk at the idea of standing up for your own rights. Not too long ago did the country share its disdain for then-Singapore Democratic Party leader Chee Soon Juan’s public protest outside the Central Provident Fund building that has photos still immortalised on photo wire agencies like Getty Images.
But, take a look around now. It has become very clear: Singaporeans aren’t willing to stay silent anymore.
Gone are the days when it was popular for anonymous commenters to use pseudonyms to thrash Singapore’s top brass on anti-government watercooler sites like Temasek Review (and its various reincarnations). Today, a simple cursory glance on an article on the National Library Board’s recent decision to pulp two books that were deemed to have contained messages that are against its “pro-family” stance reveals plenty of well-thought-out critique.
And yes, real names and real faces are on them. Full story