WP MP allegedly ignores residents' plight regarding misbehaviour of a large group of foreigners congregating in Kaki Bukit

TR Emeritus, 1 Jun 2014
There’s an RC at Block 137 behind which, in a very dark and almost secluded area, there is always, every night, a bunch of foreigners who gather to access a free WIFI signal. They can on occasions gather up to 15 people at one go, especially on weekends. And when some leave, others will replace them.
Initially, when it started, I somehow believed it was maybe intentional, maybe by the RC. To create a sense of discord among the residents to show how things have differed since the last election. Who knows how all this politics works.
Over the past year or so since this all started, the number of foreigners and some young local teenagers has grown. Though more often than not, it’s always mostly the foreigners. They will sit there, lie down even with their feet up the walls, and litter the place with their beer cans and leftover food. Wearing their sarongs, you can imagine the sight.
ase these foreigners away.
I then left a message in my MP’s FB to look into the matter. He replied that he will. Two weeks later, and after noticing a worsening situation, I posted to him again. He then requested a meet up to discuss the situation. Whatever for, I don’t know. I have already given him all the details. I, like my neighbours, do not wish to be in the public’s presence. Politicians can afford that. We peasants can’t. And now, the closure of the grounds has made the situation even worse. There are no more lights left on at night.Full story