Founder of Delphin brags that PM Lee Hsien Loong has helped to get her PR approved in just a few short months

The Real Singapore, 1 Jun 2014
I came across this blog of a Singapore New Citizen, Runzi Zhang, who is originally from China. She admits openly on her blog that she received "special help" from Lee Hsien Loong to obtain her Singapore PR and subsequently her citizenship.
She also talks about how Lee Kuan Yew helped her to get the Singapore media to interview her about her business and as a result, her company turnover doubled in a year and quadrupled in 2 years.
"I was born in Shanghai and came to Singapore in 1990. Currently, I am living with my husband and 3 kids in Singapore around Hillview. In April 1991, during Mr. Lee Hsien Loong first official visit to China, I am honoured to meet him at Shanghai JC Mandarin Hotel. With his help, within a few months, I obtained my PR status. 3 years later, I became a Singapore Citizen.
"On April 2009, during a new immigrant conference, I was honoured to receive compliments from Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, and under his recommendation, various media interviewed me. This gave me a lot of encouragement. My company’s turnover grew from SGD$4 million in 2008; to SGD$8 million in 2009; and to SGD$16 million in 2010; and eventually to SGD$20 million in 2011.
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