PRC national holding Singapore PR sublets her Tanjong Pagar 4-room HDB flat to 36 foreign workers - report

Asiaone Forum, 19 May 2014
It has been alerted to a case of illegal subletting at a HDB flat in Tanjong Pagar by a Chinese National living in Singapore.
We were alerted to the situation by one of the tenants who is renting a bed in the HDB flat.
According to the tenant, who shall be known as Jen, there are 36 people living inside the HDB flat.
The landlord, who is a PRC, lives with her daughter in the master room with another few female tenants.
The rest of the flat is occupied by males.
The tenants are all foreign workers from countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and China and some of them are staying illegally in Singapore beyond the time allowed on their work passes. Residents pay between $230 and $300 a month for a bed.
Jen explained that they have very little space, the flat is always musky, and smelly thanks to all the residents hanging up their wet clothes and the flat is always dark as the windows are blocked with bunk beds. Full story