EXPOSED: NDP website vulnerable to hackers gaining personal particulars of users, 19 May 2014

I don’t normally want to criticise websites, but I’ve heard so many complaints about our National Day Parade (NDP) website and I can’t help but agree with them. It’s almost a national embarrassment that a country with such advanced and developed infocommunications capabilities could not find someone better to showcase its most important national event on the Internet.
It’s not even just one aspect where the NDP website is failing. There are problems with security and privacy, design and layout, HTML coding, and more.
Let’s start with security and privacy. It’s one of the biggest thing on the Internet that everyone is concerned about. You see, the ticket balloting submission, in the sub-site, does not use SSL to encrypt its web communication. They are going to ask people to submit private personal information, but they don’t think to use encryption on their website. Full story