Singapore riots: Police commander DAC Lu Yeow Lim under fire for hiding behind 8 police officers and ‘doing nothing’

The Malay Mail Online, 5 Mar 2014
SINGAPORE, March 5 — For roughly half an hour after arriving at the scene of the Little India riot, the police commander overseeing operations to quell the melee chose to keep a distance from the mob, calling for backup, while his men shielded him from projectiles hurled by rioters.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) Lu Yeow Lim’s decision not to move in on the crowd despite being attacked came under fire yesterday, with the Committee of Inquiry (COI) Chairman lambasting him for “(staying) put at a protected place and (doing) nothing”.
The lengthy questioning DAC Lu was put through yesterday on how he conducted operations that night continued a scrutiny of police actions since the COI began. Other officers who had taken the stand earlier were grilled on whether rioters were emboldened by the sight of police officers running away from the epicentre of the fracas, among other things. Full story