OPINION: Life in the world's most expensive city - Seah Chiang Nee

The Star Online, 8 Mar 2014
Singaporeans will likely huddle around their TV sets in June to watch World Cup soccer – but only if they pay, once again, a fee higher than anyone else on earth.
To cynics, this is merely in keeping with their newly declared status of belonging to the world’s most expensive city.
In 2010, the cable companies bid so high for the telecast rights that they charged fans S$70.50 (RM181) to watch.
Negotiations are still on, but the costs are likely to be at least as high.
This World Cup TV cost is probably the best way to describe how ordinary Singaporean lives are affected.
That we are a top high-cost place has been known to us for some time, but few Singaporeans – if any – had imagined we would be Number One. Full story