Slammed for running away from Little India rioters, Singapore police sends 4 riot buses as a show of force to deal with 8 local youngsters in costume protesting at *Scape, 7 Mar 2014
A group of 8 young people who wanted to protest against local anime distributor Odex's legal actions decided to stage a protest... with their toys... at *Scape, a youth park. The idea was to stage a demonstration with their toys and do a photo shoot at *Scape (Slogan for the youth park: Feel the Space. Fill the Space).
Their project, called the People’s Action Figures Party, was met by 4 "Ang Chia", or riot buses, from the Special Operations Command. Yes, a whole bunch of cops dropped by their party.
A police officer from Tanglin division asked them questions and took down the names and identity card info of the participants (but did not take down the particulars of the toys) and also videotaped the youngsters as they conducted their toy protest photo shoot. Full story