Dog Abuse in Pasir Ris Army Camp: MINDEF punishes NSF whistleblower, senior SAF officer who abuses dog goes scot-free

Comment: Is this the kind of system our National Servicemen are being conscripted to defend?

The Online Citizen, 25 Feb 2014

The father of the full-time National Serviceman (NSF) who took a video of a an abandoned dog in a military bathroom has spoken out in defence of his son.
The NSF had filmed the dog, reportedly tied-up in a shower stall and “with a taut white rope tied around its neck – preventing it from moving or lying down”, according to media reports.
It is alleged that it was a lieutenant-colonel who tied up the dog at the Pasir Ris camp.
The NSF is being charged on two counts – unauthorised videography and unauthorised disclosure of information to a third party.
Mr Simon Spencer, writing on his Facebook page, said, “There was no honour in the way this situation was handled by the Singapore Armed Forces.”
He said his son and eight other NSFs also witnessed the senior officer hitting the dog.
“[Things] got out of hand this time when the lieutenant colonel personally brutally hit an innocent dog in the presence of the NS men, as a demonstration of “how it is done” in order to ensure that the strays would not dare to approach the army camp in future. This was witnessed by my son and eight other NSFs who were threatened to be charged if they did not keep their silence.” Full story

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