Aljunied resident challenged Khaw Boon Wan's Ministry of National Development (MND) to report AHPETC to the relevant authorities for legal action

TR Emeritus, 15 Feb 2014
I refer to the article “Auditors unable to fully verify AHPETC accounts for second year; MND concerned” (Straits Times, Feb 14).
I am commenting as a resident of Aljunied and as a Singaporean, and not in the context of having qualified as a Chartered Secretary (former Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators), former Accredited Investment Fiduciary Auditor and past president of the Society of Financial Service Professionals. It has also been a very long time since I was involved in annual reports or matters relating to corporate governance.
Since as I understand it – this is the second year in a row and more than a year has lapsed since Aljunied’s previous governance issues – why is it that Aljunied has not been taken to task or charged in court by the relevant authorities?
You mean “expressing concern” is all that you can do for a second year – and you are not going to anything about it? Full story

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