OPINION: Will Health Minister Gan Kim Yong reveal the population size target he uses to decide on adding 10,000 more hospital beds in 2020

Facebook/TanJeeSay, 27 Jan 2014
Minister Gan must tell us what is the population size that he has used for the year 2020 when deciding to build 10,000 more beds by 2020. Is this population figure in line with the Population White Paper approved by Parliament in early 2013? What would be the expected number of beds per 10,000 population when the additional 10,000 beds are put in place by end 2020?
Let us work out the numbers in case the minister is not promptly forthcoming…………. The number of beds per 10,000 population will then be 36 which is not even two thirds of First World norm.
Does this mean that Singaporeans will continue to see their loved ones lying on beds in hospital corridors and make-shift tents in the years ahead? We can avoid this Third World situation either by increasing the number of beds sharply to around 35,000 beds by 2020 or reducing the total population appropriately, or doing both at a slower pace or in ways that do not degrade the quality of public service. That is why it is vitally important for Singaporeans to oppose the Population White Paper unless adequate public facilities in essential services are put in place. And all the working numbers …. must clearly be shown to the people. That’s what we expect of a responsible and transparent government.” Full story