OPINION: Has the cyber war begun? - Seah Chiang Nee

The Star Online, 9 Nov 2013
Singapore – its economy and education system – has been heavily dependent on the Internet for two decades.
After four days of silence, a defiant Prime Minister vowed to track down the anonymous hackers and bring them to justice.
Lee Hsien Loong told reporters: “Our IT (information technology) network, the Internet, our communications have become an essential part of our business and our lives now.
“...When somebody threatens to do harm to it ... we will spare no effort to try and track down the culprits and if we can find him, we will bring him to justice and he will be dealt with severely.”
A day later, the PM Office website was mockingly hacked by Anony-mous, saying “It’s great to be Singaporean today”. Full story
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