Increased flagdown fare only benefit taxi companies, not drivers: 67-year-old cabby, 26 Oct 2013
"No, the increased flagdown fare don't benefit me. In fact, I've to work harder and longer hours because I've to pay a higher rental for the new i40 at $126 per day instead of $100 for my old Sonota. My rental had gone up by 26% but the flagdown fare increased by only 16%. (from $3.20 to $3.70). Now I've to do at least 50 pickups to cover the extra $26 increased in rental on a 24 hours shift.
Our company feels justified to charge a higher rental because the newer model cost more. They don't care about the unhappy reaction from taxi commuters or suffering of taxi drivers. Now, many taxi commuter avoids taking i40 if other models of taxis are available. Do you know that taxi companies are like Food Court Operators (eg. Kopitiam & Food Republic). Once they renovate their premises, stall rental and food price increased correspondingly.. It's the consumers and hawkers who suffers.
On the other hand, the company makes more money introducing new models. As evidence, ComfortDelGro revealed in their 2012 financial report that in Singapore their revenue from taxi business was10.1% higher at $824 millions due to higher rental from a larger fleet and an increase in new replacement taxis. Taxi business form the single biggest income generator for ComfortDelGro."   Full story
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