Singapore hospitals charge additional $15 fee to ensure the right baby is delivered to the parents

The Real Singapore, 9 Oct 2013

I refer to the newspaper article on the Chinese newspaper today (above pic).
Reporting 'Live' from Uniquely Singapore, after many surveys done by the government, an excellent plan was pushed out today, now, Mothers can ensure they carry the RIGHT baby, just by paying only an additional $15!
This scheme is the world's First, as no other hospital in the world, goes the extra mile of ensuring a mother carries the correct baby.
The PAP government has the welfare of the people in their hearts, after all, $15 is better than a lifetime of raising a wrong baby!
This scheme further strengthens the island dictatorship's, sorry, island state's world standing in healthcare, which also includes $8 heart bypasses, and also sending of elderly to old folks home in JB.
This move garnered huge praises from PAP supporters, who said that the Opposition would never do such a thing.
PAP supporters also suggested that the government should consider implementing similar schemes, like maybe asking the public to "paying additional $15 to ensure the Police go catch the correct thief".

Will Singapore mortuary also charge additional $15 fee to ensure the right body is delivered to the family of the deceased?
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