OPINION: Obama could have prevented the shutdown if he had consulted the Singapore government

My Singapore News, 10 Oct 2013
Now you know why Obama is paid so little.
He could not get his Obamacare past Congress and the US govt has to shut down. What kind of leader is that? He should take his Air Force One and head for Changi and then make a trip to meet the Oracle. And this time the Oracle will send him to meet Hsien Loong for a solution.
And the solution is so simple. Just make it compulsory, like our Medishield Life. Problem solved immediately. And if Obama still cannot figure out how to do it, we can loan him Gan Kim Yong and his team, at a fee of course, unless Obama want to make a trip to Japan to learn and work out the formula himself. Full story

PM Lee criticizes US shutdown as 'game of chicken', brags about Singapore govt million dollar salaries on CNN
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