Two Drug Couriers May Escape Singapore Gallows

WSJ Blog, 18 Sep 2013
Two convicted drug traffickers on death row in Singapore, including a Malaysian citizen, may escape the gallows after prosecutors ruled Wednesday that they had provided substantive assistance to police in fighting narcotics-related crime.
In a statement, the Attorney-General’s Chambers said it would certify in court that Yong Vui Kong – a 24-year-old Malaysian – and Subashkaran Pragasam – a 29-year-old Singaporean – had “substantively assisted the Central Narcotics Bureau in disrupting drug trafficking activities within and outside Singapore.”
If the two men can prove that they were merely couriers – as opposed to ringleaders, manufacturers, distributors and sellers – Singapore courts would have the discretion of punishing them with life sentences and at least 15 strokes of the cane, instead of the death penalty, the agency said. Full story

Singapore gives two drug mules a chance to leave death row - Yahoo! News Singapore
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