Singaporean businessman leads Malaysian cops on 20km car chase after failed bribe attempt

The Star Online, 13 Aug 2013
JOHOR BARU: A Singaporean businessman led police on a 20km car chase when he tried to flee after failing to bribe them last Sunday.
In the 11.30pm incident, the 50-year old suspect, driving a Mercedes Benz, was headed to Singapore when he tried to cut the vehicle queue at the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine complex (CIQ), obstructing other vehicles in the process.
Two police traffic officers on duty at the CIQ complex then tried to take him to the nearest police station.
However, the man then got agitated and refused to cooperate, and offered a RM550 bribe to L/Kpl Awang Mohd Massahdi Awang Abunawas and L/Kpl Mashri Sedek. Full story
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