RC member allegedly berated family for not buying the flag she is selling

The Real Singapore, 7 Aug 2013
2 weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon, Miss Han, the hub, and I, were in our living room prepping to head out for grocery shopping when we paid a visit by 2 people, a middle-aged lady and a man. Our main door was opened and the lady announced their arrival by calling out to the hub, stating that they were from the estate’s Residents Committee, and extending her hand through the door. In her hand was a Singapore flag. The hub, slightly surprised but smiling, went to the door to receive it and said thank you. The lady then told us it costs $2. The hub politely rejected her because he thought that if they wanted us to hang the flag, they should have just given it to us and we would have gladly hung it. It was a matter of principle, not the small amount. To us, it made no difference if we hung the flag or not. We are still proud locals. If we felt that we needed to display the flag to express affection for our country, we would have already done so. The lady would have none of it and kept pushing the flag to us. The husband politely stood his ground. As the realisation of not making a sale hit her, her expression changed.
“I think you are not proud of your country.”
She sternly introduced herself as the estate’s RC Chairwoman and proceeded to berate us. Full story