PAP Govt makes Medishield compulsory for all Singaporeans, PM Lee gave notice that premiums will be raised

TR Emeritus, 18 Aug 2013
At the National Day Rally today (18 Aug), PM Lee said that the Govt will improve healthcare financing to give all Singaporeans “more peace of mind”.
The current medical insurance scheme, MediShield, will be revamped to become MediShield Life, he said.
“The MediShield Life will not stop at 90. So don’t worry, it will cover old people. Secondly, MediShield Life will be universal. It will cover everybody, every Singaporean – old ones, young ones, those newly born.”
However, premiums for MediShield Life will be higher too but the Govt will subsidise MediShield Life premiums for those who cannot afford them. Full story

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