NEA forcing hawkers to use more expensive centralized dishwashing service, prices of food expected to rise

TR Emeritus, 6 Aug 2013
Presently, the hawkers typically pay cleaners $200 to $500 per month to wipe tables and return dirty dishes to the stalls. It does not include dishwashing.
Some hawkers will pay another $500 a month for their dishes to be washed while others will wash the dishes themselves.
However, the media reported that with centralised dishwashing, the cost is estimated to be as high as $1,000 per month for participating hawkers, twice the current market rate.
Ms Karney Ngai, Chairman of Yuhua Hawkers’ Association, said the programme should be an opt-in one, since it does not lower hawkers’ dishwashing expenses.
Ms Ngai said, “For those who wash the dishes themselves, it can be difficult to persuade them to pay for something that they are now doing themselves for free.” Full story
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