OPINION: Why I advised my sister not to reclaim her Singapore citizenship - Brian Vittachi

Yahoo! News Singapore, 30 Jul 2013
I told my sister that if she could, come here, work for some years until she makes a pile of money, and then return to Sri Lanka. Whatever Singapore has, in time to come, Sri Lanka can have the same if not better. It is a country of stunning natural beauty, an ancient culture and a character all of it's own. Hopefully one day she will get a competent and honest government that will take that country to a better place.
Singapore has sold its soul. It is a place of manufacture and retail with no sense of nationhood. It has lost its character and is a wannabe-this, wannabe-that and a No.1 copycat. Right now, we are a haven for mega-rich tax evaders, cold-minded, calculative opportunists and those of the "greed is good" school of thought.
In short, Singapore is a place to make money and little else. The shopping malls, theme parks and IRs are just a fantasy land created to lure the tourist dollar and is far removed from the realities of day-to-day living. Full story