OPINION: Moody tells Khaw Boon Wan and PAP gang what citizens have been telling them

Where Bears Roam Free, 17 Jul 2013
Minister for National Development Khaw BW has been ignoring citizens' cry that our home prices are getting pricier and pricier, burdening young couples and families. But he appears aloof to citizens' woes.
The resale HBD market and the private property market is interlinked. Anyone who says that they are exclusive is probably living in Mars. Ever since the ordinary account portion of the CPF has been allowed to be used for private home property around the late 1980s, the resale of the HDB market has been climbing and climbing in tandem with the private property market. Simple economics will tell you that the CPF OA opened the floodgates with loads of money for the purchase of property, property and more property. Full story