Dog founder refutes AVA's claim that golden retriever was in poor physical condition, 22 Mar 2013

In a follow-up Facebook post, she put up pictures of the stray a day later and asked readers to decide if the dog “was not in good condition”.
Lim argued that the 11-year-old dog was sent to the veterinary clinic on 27 February to scan for a micro-chip, and the nurse doing the scan commented that the dog had only skin conditions.
“We gave the dog food and water, and she was able to eat and drink. She showed no sign of physical sickness or disability and was able to jump in and out of our MPV easily,” Lim wrote of the dog’s condition on 27 February.
“She was very active and even played with our two dogs. We bathed her and scrubbed her down, and she showed no signs of pain, discomfort or imbalance,” the post read.
Lim questioned the conditions under which the dog was kept after it was handed to AVA, that the environment likely “caused her to deteriorate in a span of just a week”.
“There was blatant disregard for our efforts to assist in re-homing this dog and our appeal to keep her alive,” Lim claimed.
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