AVA: Killing dog was a "lapse of service"

Breakfast Network, 22 Mar 2013
The Agri-Food &Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) became the latest organisation to come under social media scrutiny this week, following a Facebook post about a series of apparently “disorganized and negligent” incidents leading to the putting down of a stray 11-year-old Golden Retriever found wandering by the Lim family in their neighbourhood.
The post quickly attracted thousands of shares on Facebook, with online responses to the incident ranging from outpourings of sympathy — for the hapless animal and for the Lim family who tried to help the lost pet — to outrage at the AVA for putting down the dog despite repeated reminders not to do so while the owners were being traced.
In response, AVA issued its own “Clarifications On The Case of The Euthanised Golden Retriever” on its Facebook page. It explained that the dog’s condition had been poor, admitted that the call centre officers who took the Lim family’s calls “did not inform or check with the manager on the status of the dog”, and apologised for the “service lapse”. Full story

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