South Africa 'fixing' kingpin Dan Tan still at large in Singapore, 7 Feb 2013
Singapore police said Thursday they needed hard evidence to crack down on match-fixing cartels, after coming under pressure to arrest suspected ringleaders of networks which targeted hundreds of football games in Europe as well as South Africa.
Police said authorities had supplied information about Dan Tan Seet Eng – who was the alleged kingpin behind the bribery of referee ahead of the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 – and that they were working with Europol following revelations that Singapore-linked networks rigged or tried to rig 680 games worldwide. Dan Tan Seet Eng is wanted in Rome as well.
Singapore has come under pressure to explain why key suspects such as Dan Tan remain at large, with Interpol secretary Ronald Noble telling the Straits Times newspaper that the small, wealthy country's “reputation would continue to suffer” until arrests are made. Full story