PAP’s population paper is an upside-down road map: Low Thia Khiang

Yahoo! News Singapore, 7 Feb 2013
Workers' Party secretary-general Low Thia Khiang took scathing shots at the population white paper in Parliament on Thursday, describing it as an "upside-down road map with no destination".
Speaking strongly against the "worst-case scenario" of a 6.9 million population put forward by the paper, Low said that the government was attempting to use immigration as a short-term, easy solution to it’s bigger problems of a low fertility rate and a growing ageing population.
He dismissed recently enhanced baby-bonus incentives, saying that the PAP had missed the point.
“Why is the government continuing to use a method that has not worked?” asked Low, pointing out that the incentive method had been used – with little success – for the past 40years. Full story