Filmmaker Lynn Lee investigated by police over SMRT bus drivers' video interviews

Asian Correspondent, 7 Feb 2013
Two of the bus drivers, He Jun Ling and Liu Xiang Ying, granted interviews to filmmaker Lynn Lee. In their interviews, they alleged that they had been beaten and threatened by the police during their interrogations. Liu claimed that the police had told him, “Do you know I can dig a hole and bury you? No one will be able to find you.”Excerpts from the interview alarmed members of civil society, who swiftly put together a statement calling for an independent inquiry into the claims. The Ministry of Home Affairs then launched an investigation, saying that the Internal Affairs Office within the Singapore Police Force would be “approaching bus drivers, the producers of the video and other related parties to seek their assistance in its investigation.”
The investigation apparently began with plainclothes policemen confiscating Lee’s hard drive containing footage of the interviews. In a Facebook status update, Lee wrote, “The IO (who seemed nice enough) couldn’t tell me which section of the CPC allowed him to seize the drive and had to make a few calls to check.” Full story

He Jun Ling from Lianain Films on Vimeo.

Liu Xiang Ying from Lianain Films on Vimeo.

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