OPINION: Why I oppose the White Paper: Nicole Seah

Yahoo! News Singapore, 9 Feb 2013
I oppose the White Paper as a young Singaporean, who has no intention of giving up my citizenship or moving on to greener pastures because I want to stay and fix what is wrong with our country, so that we can be proud to pass on a better, more sustainable Singapore to future generations.
A Singapore that people can feel secure enough to call home, and feel confident to raise their children in.
Where the past, present and future can complement each other, rather than being a burden to economic progress.
A society that lives in harmony, rather than tense and overcrowded conditions.
Not the Singapore Inc. that has been aggressively forced down our throats the past few years – a Singapore which is in danger of becoming a transient state where people from all over, come, make their fortunes, and leave. A Singapore that has become a playground for the rich and the people who can afford it. A Singapore where the middle class is increasingly drowned out because they do not have the social clout or sufficient representatives in parliament to voice their concerns. Full story