OPINION: Iswaran's implicit admission that PAP Govt was speeding

Where Bears Roam Free, 8 Feb 2013
Singapore is so crowded, it is now like a car travelling in a tight congested car park. If you jam-brake and the car goes into a tailspin, it means that you were speeding in the first place. Stupid implicit admission of guilt by Second Minister for Trade and Industry S Iswaran.
WP is not exactly asking to jam-brake. It is just asking to slow down the immigration intake. But that's not the issue here. The issue is the alarm bells sounded by Iswaran that business closures would be sped up if we slow down immigration intake.
Doesn't Iswaran's statement expose what we've always suspected? That is, the govt has been too dependent on foreign labour? Not that these jobs cannot be filled by locals. You see them almost everywhere. From waiters and waitresses, admin clerks, customer services execs, tele-marketeers. You mean Singaporeans don't want these jobs?
PAP is the one who has been speeding. It has been speeding so much that any Tom Dick and Harry is able to land in Singapore, get a work permit and presto, be working in no time. Immigration policy should always be taking in the people with the skills we want and/or need. Not just anybody who resembles a human being. Full story

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